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My Approach

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Nutrition - The foundation of great health

We will always start by looking at what great nutrition really means. I will cut through all the confusing, and often conflicting, advice out there and give you simple guidelines for eating that have been fully scientifically researched and shown to promote energy and long term good health. I will help you to make changes each week, at a pace that is right for you, and provide support and accountability to ensure your success. And most importantly, I want the changes you make to feel easy, exciting and enjoyable! My approach doesn’t involve depriving yourself, but instead, creating a new healthier ‘normal’, making it easy to maintain in the long term.

Lifestyle - A fully holistic approach

Fantastic health does not come from diet alone and my approach takes into account all aspects of your current lifestyle. All areas of your life may impact your health, from sleep, movement and 'me time', to work, family and friends. I take time to understand how you feel now and what you are struggling with most in your life and with your health. We explore what amazing health looks like to you and what is getting in the way of you achieving it. I want to know what you dream of, what is important to you and what you love to do most. I will help you to set the right goals to reach your dream lifestyle and provide support and accountability to ensure you achieve them. Together, we will work through any obstacles that come up along the way, until you are confident that you can deal with whatever life throws at you. 

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A health coach is...

A health coach is not...

a guide, a mentor and a cheerleader who can help you to implement diet and lifestyle changes to transform your health. A health coach helps you to set realistic, achievable and inspiring goals. They provide motivation, support and encouragement but also hold you accountable in achieving those goals.

a nutritionist, dietician, therapist or medical professional. Health coaches do not diagnose, offer testing, prescribe treatments or supplements or work with clients to resolve past issues or trauma.

For further details about my Scope of Practice see here

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